02.526 Interactive Data Visualization (2024)

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Week 1

25th Jan (Thurs)

Introduction. Course schedule and expectations. Why do data visualization? Historical examples. Exploratory vs. explanatory. A visualization analysis framework.

Big picture questions. Why are computers and humans involved in data visualization? Why show the data? Why allow people to interact with it? What resource limitations are there? Also, course admin.

Week 2

1st Feb (Thurs)

Dataset types — tables, charts, networks, fields, geometry, hiereachies. Data scales — nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio. Data ordering — sequential, diverging, cyclic.

A refresher on web core technologies – HTML / CSS / JS. Useful JS design patterns that you will see over and over again. Function chaining, interfacing with backend systems with JSON and AJAX, dealing with asynchronous issues with callbacks and promises.

Assignment 1
Deadline 22nd Feb 12pm (Thurs)

Pull out data.gov.sg's PSI API data and populate it into a simple HTML table. Prep for future assignments / the project.

Week 3

8th Feb (Thurs)

Why are people using data viz? We'll analyze by looking at a high-level framework of actions and targets. Actions: Analyze, search, query, etc. Targets: Trends , outliers , features, etc.

Anand S (Gramener)

Datavis SG Meetup

Anand is the CEO of Gramener, a data analytics company that just got sold to Straive (SPi Global) last year. Straive is estimated to have a revenue of $1.9 billion in 2023.

Anand will talk about visualizing large language model hallucinations, i.e. the process of creating a visual explorer for LLM token exploration.

He is addicted to MInecraft (thanks to his daughter) and you can find a list of his talks here.

Week 4

15th Feb (Thurs)

4 levels of visualization validation: domain/problem → data/task abstraction → viz idiom → algorithm / technology. Case studies and examples.

Alice Lee (SFA)

Datavis SG Meetup

Alice Lee is an assistant director at Singapore Food Agency(SFA), doing data governance and transformation.

A previous student last year (2023) of this module, Alice will talk about how she applies visualization in her work and also about her project last year, for which she won best presentation and poster.

Assignment 2
Deadline 14th Mar 12pm (Thurs)

Find 2 bad visualizations and critique them using what we've learnt. Also suggest ways to correct them.

Week 5

22nd Feb (Thurs)

Defining how visualizations are composed of marks and channels. Analyzing the effectiveness of visual channels through accuracy, discriminability, salience, separability.

Workshop on visualization design and validation. Introduction to how the web draws graphics, and the SVG specification.

Week 6

29th Feb (Thurs)

Color: perception, specification and use. How the eye sees color. Colorspaces. Implications for color use as a visualization channel.

Introduction to D3 (Data Driven Documents), the defacto data visualization library for the web. Toolchains and other libraries. Selections, domains, ranges, axes. Enter, update, exit - design pattern for glassy transitions.

Assignment 3
Deadline 21st Mar 12pm (Thurs)

Frame a hypothesis (why), query HDB's transaction data (what), and then design and draw one or more charts (how).

Week 7

7th Mar


Week 8

14th Mar (Thurs)

Student Presentations 1

Presentations by students on assignment 2.

D3's geo projection library. GeoJSON and TopoJSON formats. Choropleth viz (D3).

Assignment 4
Deadline 4th Apr 12pm (Thurs)

A simple Singapore choropleth viz mashing up population with sub-district data.

Week 9

21st Mar (Thurs)

A deeper dive into various different visualizations that are used for tabular and hierarchical data. Bar, line, scatterplot, streams, etc. Packed circles, treemaps, dendrograms, etc. Use case examples.

Hierarchical / network chart types. Force directed networks, treemaps, sankeys and arc diagrams. Use case examples.

Charlene Chua (SPH)

Datavis SG Meetup

Charlene is a digital graphics journalist at The Straits Times, where she is involved in producing data-driven graphics and interactive stories.

Her work mostly revolves around topics such as housing and social issues, and has won awards at International media competitions such as WAN-IFRA’s Digital Media Awards. In 2023, she also completed her master’s degree in Data Viz at the University of Girona.

She will talk about data visualization and its relevance to the newsroom.

Assignment 5
Deadline 11th Apr 12pm (Thurs)

Assignment 5 is preparation work for the data visualization project, and meant to be presented before the final presentations.

Week 10

28th Mar (Thurs)

A deeper dive into various different geospatial visualizations. Choropleth maps, isochrone / contour maps, etc.

Leaflet, 2.5D and 3D geospatial viz. Building a simple viz layer on top of a raster base map.

Student Presentations 2

Presentations by students on assignment 3.

We will also do a class-based discussion on some visualization case studies.

Week 11

4th Apr (Thurs)

Techniques to consider for improving visualizations. Manipulating views - changes, selection and navigation. Faceting and layers. Focus + context (embedding).

David Ong (AI SG)

Datavis SG Meetup

David is the head of engineering at AI Singapore.

David is going to talk about SEA-LION, the S$70 million regional open source LLM initiative spearheaded by AI Singapore.

Week 12

11th Apr (Thurs)

Student Presentations 3

Presentations by students on Assignment 5, which is on the project itself. What is the dataset, why are they doing the visualization (bottom-up or top-down) and how do they intend to put it together?

We'll take a look at a report on the state of the data visualization industry from the Data Visualization Society (DVS) survey 2023.

Guidelines on 3D use, animation and interaction. Latency and feedback. A summary and future perspectives.

Week 13

18th Apr

Project Development

Project Development. Consultation by request.

Week 14

25th Apr

Project Presentations

27th Apr

Final presentations.

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