MUSPP Bootcamp

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Bootcamp Agenda

The bootcamp is a 3 half-day modular immersion course that gives attendees a quick overview of the more technical aspects of programming.

Students do not have to come for every session and can pick and choose depending on what they need.

Learning Objectives

  • Know at what level you want to approach a tech problem that fits your use case. Which language or tool, how and most importantly, why.
  • Understanding data formats and structures (CSV / JSON). API endpoints and API keys. Why Git, Github and Gitpages.
  • The benefits and tradeoffs of programming code vs low code / no code.

Getting data

16th Jan (Tues)

Survey and discussion on how to break down and tackle technical problems based on use case - what tools, how and why.

Accessing API endpoints and JSON structure.

Connecting to APIs via code.

Scraping websites using tools like ParseHub.

Data manipulation

17th Jan (Wed)

Using pivot tables to do data manipulation.

Converting a tall table to a wide table and vice versa.

Using code to do data manipulation.

Discussions: Data piplining and ELT (Extract, load, transform)

Project deployment

18th Jan (Thurs)

Git, GitHub, GitHub Desktop, Git Pages

Concepts: Project repositories, backups and traceability

Concepts: Collaboration and permissions

Deployment of mock project

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