Assignment 5

Project planning


To be completed before 11-4-2022(Thurs) 1200hrs

  • This repo link will be of the format https://<username>
  • In the forked repo create a basic index.html file, and make it visible on GitHub repo pages (it's under the settings tab, under GitHub pages).
  • You can put your CSS style tags, HTML and JS script code into one file, or organize them into files/directories.


  • Assignment 5 is linked to the visualization project for this module.
  • It is a presentation of the project idea before the implementation itself.
  • Note that the project can be done in a duo or solo.


  • No code for this assignment is required, but have a document that states what the visualization is going to be.
  • Describe: the data (what), the task (why), and the suggested idiom (how) of your suggested visualization.
  • This final assignment puts into practice what we learnt.

More details

  • For consideration: top-down visualization (where you likely have to do some exploratory analysis), or a bottom up one.
  • For consideration: exploratory analysis, dashboard, or storytelling piece.
  • During the final project presentation, you will revise and go through what needed to be changed from your initial planning, and also future work.

More details (continued)

  • The repository cannot be empty (need to show school proof of work). Minimally have some simple write-up.
  • It is not a writing essay assignment, so short paragraphs or bullet points are fine. I will also accept a linked powerpoint deck if you are more comfortable in presenting in that format.
  • This is more of a presentation assignment rather than coding one, and you will have 5 to 10mins to go through this in class.


Chi-Loong | V/R