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Final Projects 2022

Visualizing Movement Patterns in Kampung Admiralty (Anjanaa, Jing Zhi)

The project aims to visualize space use and movement patterns in Kampung Admiralty, a vertical mixed-use development in Singapore.

Which Came First - Better Education or Better Health? (Wang Xin, Zwe Lynn)

Does health awareness relate to education level? This project aims to visualize the monthly expenditure on ALCHOLIC BEVERAGES AND TOBACCO among people with different education background in Singapore.

Survey of Marine Debris in Singapore over the years (Kian Eng, Xun Long)

This project aims to scrape and aggregate ""crowd-sourced"" (collected by different volunteer groups) survey data collected by and show the distribution of marine debris found at various beach sites over the years, in terms of the types of marine debris and geographical locations of the clean-up sites.

Currently, the site displays individual site reports and yearly consolidated reports, but lacks an overall consolidated view of the trends over the years which will be useful to derive insights from the data (e.g. whether the situation is improving over the years).


GraphPaper (Yustynn)

Particular network graph representation for the academic paper.


  1. Facilitate scientific knowledge communication, generation, validation, targeted criticism, etc
  2. Change base unit of science to a single node/link
  3. Enable crazy graph theory haxxx on science + possible reputational scores that go beyond citations (out of scope of project)

Rumour Tweet Visualisation (Daniel, Zhiqiang)

The project aims to visualise the spread of rumours in the form of:

  1. Tweet Graphs
  2. User Interaction Graphs
  3. User activity graph

Visualising and Exploring Hate Speech in Multimodal Memes (Mingshan)

The primary goal of this project is to provide an interactive visualisation tool that showcases data exploration techniques and explainable machine learning techniques for hate speech in multimodal memes.

Using this tool, it will allow researchers to explore, analysis and draw insights in an intuitive interactive manner.

This tool will employ common data exploration techniques such as:

  • T-distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding (T-SNE)
  • Principal Component Analysis (PCA)

On top of which, it will employ state-of-the-art multimodal techniques such as:

  • VisualBERT
  • VilBERT

Visualising building simulation results (Banliang)

The project displays results from building simulations. Aimed at architects and clients, results should be clear yet presented creatively.

Visualising Singapore's Long Bus Routes (Sean)

A data story about Singapore's transport policy through the lens of Singapore's longest bus routes, accompanied with an interactive visualisation of bus services in Singapore.